Bilingual Child Care Center Französische Allee Tübingen

The bilingual Kinderhaus Französische Allee is a public childcare of the city – council of Tübingen for toddlers and kindergardeners from the age of 1 – 6 years. Up to 85 children can be looked after (40 of them in full-time care). Tübingen is highly ranked in Germany, in particular with respect to childcare provision for toddlers, and therefor very attractive for young families with small children. In comparison with other childcare facilities in Tübingen the Kinderhaus stands out especially throughout its  open house concept as well as its bilingual education (German/English).

The Förderverein Kinderhaus Französische Allee e.V. (support association of the Kinderhaus Französische Allee) promotes and supports the educational efforts of the Kinderhaus Französische Allee in Tübingen with a particular focus on bilingual education.

Through the support of foundations and sponsors the Förderverein was able to initiate several projects, eg. Englisch from toddlers to preschoolers, early bilingual music education (English & Music) and the introduction of preschoolers to nature and science via the project „Haus der kleinen Forscher“ (House of Little Researchers).

The Förderverein Kinderhaus Französische Allee e.V. created this website and is responsible for its content (together with the parents‘ council of the Kinderhaus Französische Allee)

English native speakers get in touch!

We are always interested in meeting English native speakers with a background in education living in the Tübingen/Reutlingen (or wider Stuttgart) region. Please reach out to Anna Binder (phone +49 7071/364 865, e-mail [email protected]) or by using our contact form.